Our company started with a charismatic man and a passion for jewelry, Albert DeSerio. In 1925, he became one of the top 8 diamond setters in America and soon thereafter, he was able to realize his dream of working with his three sons.

Sebastian, Joseph, Edward- with the guidance of their father, worked together for years to create magnificent pieces of jewelry. In 1970, when their high profile clients started to request replicas of their fine jewelry pieces, Fantasia by DeSerio, Inc. was formed.

For over 45 years, we have been a family-owned business, priding ourselves on all items being handmade in the US. Our family has impeccably mastered replicating the world’s finest flawless color diamonds, Colombian Emeralds, Burmese Sapphires and Rubies, and South Sea pearls. We view each piece as a work of art, set by our master diamond setters. To us, our pieces are considered fine jewelry with stones of exact cut and brilliance that only an expert with a loupe can detect.

In 2011, just shy of 103 years old, our “sharp as a tack” Patriarch Albert passed away. Even up to his final days, he was selling jewelry in his assisted living facility. To Albert, making and selling jewelry wasn't a job, it was his life's work and passion.

In continuing his legacy and our family business, we share his passion and love of jewelry. We hope you love Fantasia just as much as we love creating each piece.  

The DeSerio Family
Fantasia- "The Look & Feel of Real"© that will last for generations.